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Client: Miyazaki Chair

The original inspiration for SINN is a bicycle frame. I was inspired by the changing metal tube profile that emphasizes modern bike geometry. In Taiwanese, SINN means body/frame/身. The original naming started from this.

In Japanese, SINN means heart 心. I have been invited several times to the Miyazaki Chair factory to work on the development of the chair. I truly felt that everyone involved in developing this chair poured their whole heart into trying to perfect this design. SINN in Japanese is the perfect way to describe this design and everyone’s effort involved.

SINN’s profile transitions from round to sharp, soft to the touch in the front where your hands rest on the armrest. When viewed from the side or back, the profile becomes sharper, defining the chair’s form, as chairs are seen from these angles more often. The round and soft aspects provide comfort, while the sharpness defines SINN’s identity.

SINN’s design is oriented based on finding the right balance. Finding the balance in form and proportion, balance in comfort and ergonomics, balance in weight of the chair, and most importantly balance in harmony with the surroundings.

Width 550 mm x Depth 575 mm x Height 750 mm

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