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This week we will take a look at the EV decal in the province of BC, Canada. If you live in Vancouver or BC Canada, the chance is that you might have seen one of this decal with a blue okay charging sign from @governmentofbc . In my opinion, we can alter the design to make it more pleasing and also address the core value of using EV. First of all, the decal does not have any proportion relating to any vehicle parts whether it’s the license plate or the vehicle body. Therefore, it’s difficult to be paired up with vehicles, thus it creates “redundancy” in the space. By matching with the license plate height and make the design into a narrow form, it delivers the purposes of the decal at the same time eliminate the visual distraction from the redundancy. The gradient color from green to blue represents the green energy used on EV, it also acts as a visual anchor so the decal is easier to be noticed while driving. The zero in the center represents the net zero emission that we and the @governmentofbc would like to achieve in 2050, which is the core value of using EV hence underline the importance.

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