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This week is the valentine’s week. I decided to make a little gift for my wife. The pendent necklace design will be 3d printed in polish copper. In the mandarin, my wife’s name has a character “Ping”, which means apple in the mandarin. I always call her apple started from the first time we met. This year is our 10th year anniversary. I am really thankful to have her support both with our family and my career.

The design is simple, it’s an apple form (related to my wife’s name) sliced in vertical direction. The shape of the apple is designed to be similar to the heart shape. The pendant can be worn both sides, the front side has more organic and rounded shape, and the back side is concave and has a more define silhouette to the apple shape. The apple core is hollow, so the pendant chain could also be placed in the hollow area as well.

Happy belated valentine to all of you.

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