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Red Dot Award 2023  

Furniture nowadays is similar to fast fashion. Every year there are excessive new designs that are mostly short-lived. PINN is a chair that is aiming for sustainability and longevity of usage. Inspired by daily objects such as bikes, shoes, and fashion ware, Pinn combines elegant form and the possibility to customize different styles. The chair’s main body is made of polypropylene or die-cast aluminum. The backrest pad is highly customizable. The user can choose the material from recycled plastic, solid wood, or fabric. Different materials can be customized as well for the back support belt. The chair is full of possibilities for users to customize and share their personal tastes.

Instead of solely relying on recycled material for sustainability purposes, the user can purchase and update the seat accessory ( backrest pad and backrest belt) to create a new appearance of the chair. Hence, reduce the possibility of abandoning the chair when it does not match the changing interior space.

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